Practically Paleo Event

6.30pm Tuesday 28 March 2017 – Oxfordshire

Top Paleo & healthy living specialists present a practical approach to Paleo living. The ideal event to learn why the Paleo lifestyle is becoming more popular and how to practically work it in to your every day life. Held at the Oxfordshire Golf Club, this event takes a fun and informative look at the benefits of Paleo living with some of the foremost specialists in the field speaking and sharing their knowledge and experience. Click here to download the event information pack

Earlybird ticket £20 (available until 1st March)     Standard ticket £25

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More and more people are starting to question our modern diet and way of living. It is dawning on people that some of the foods we’re eating and feeding our families are making us sick. Paleo eating is based largely on plant-based vegetation (around 75-80%), with low-sugar fruits, tree nuts, healthy oils,wild fish, and free range eggs, poultry, game and lean grass fed meats. Foods that would generally be avoided or limited include grains, sugar, dairy, processed meats, vegetables oils, beans, legumes and potatoes. Paleo style eating is a modern term used to describe eating as closely as possible to the type of foods we evolved to consume over a period of 2.5 million years in the ‘Palaeolithic’ age. Hunter gathers, even modern hunter gathers do not suffer from the lifestyle diseases we have today. The benefits of going Paleo are often seen very quickly. Our bodies are incredibly robust and can take a lot of abuse but when the right ‘fuel is put in our tank’ the transformation can be phenomenal. We give ourselves a much better chance of recovering from disease, sickness and poor health if we nourish our bodies correctly.

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